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Many of our local schools are slashing budgets or completely cutting out arts programs from their curriculum.  Our purpose is to help people understand that the arts are more than an extra-curricular activity.  The arts are an education of the sensibilities.  It is the application of science, math, history, and english.  We also   aim to speak to the educators and the educational leaders that we need to change the way we teach.  We need to make our usage of the core subjects more apparant  to the students and the policy makers.  Please join us in defending the arts.



The constant defense


We are constantly working on new ways to show the value of the arts.  Elementary educators have told us that they are bombarded with measurements.  They are required to hit standards in Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Grammer and more.  And each one of those core standards has, on avg, 15 sub-measurements they must hit.  And then they are told by legislation to teach art too.  The problem is two-fold.  One they are left with little time, and secondly they were never trained on how to teach art.  We have recognized this problem and we are currently putting a solution in place.  If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us.


Support us by attending the 'Defend the Arts Festival' on September 12th and 13th at the Ed Kinley Amphitheater in Layton, Utah.


Come see and support various artists who will be in attendance.


Here is a schedule of events:


...The schedule of events will be posted soon.  Thank you for your patience.




To participate, donate or for suggestions please email us at admin@defendthearts.com



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