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Are they really free?

Absolutely!  Defend the Arts is a non-profit organization.  We are passionate about our cause.  All of the instructors are volunteers. The only money that is ever exchanged is at the festival itself.  The tickets are a suggested donation price.  The money we gain from the festival, along with the generous volunteers and other kinds of donations, is how we support our organization and are able to offer these classes to the public for free.


When do Classes Begin?

July 18th 2013.  There will be an orientation meeting prior to the classes beginning.  The time, location and date of that meeting is TBA.


What are the Age limitation?

There is none!  There is a class for any age and all capabilities.





4:30- 5 Baby and Me


Elementary Age

4:30-5  Art

5-5:45 Acting

6-6:30 Music


Jr. High Age

5-5:30 Art

5:45-6:30 Acting

6:30-7:15 Music


High School

5:45-6:30 Hobbies

6:30-7:15 *Scriptwriting

6:30-7:15 *Directing

8-9:30 Acting



5:45-6:30 Hobbies

6:30-7:15 Writing

6:30-7:15 Directing

8-9:30 Acting




Course Descriptions

Baby and Me

Parents are encouraged to join their toddlers in a variety of art classes.


Art Classes

Learn tools and tricks to create beautiful sketches, paintings, crafts etc.  Works will be displayed at the festival.



Learn how to perform on stage, build self-confidence and gain speaking and socialization skills.  All classes will have the opportunity to perform at the festival.



Learn the art and fundamentals of music, how to conduct a piece.  Bring or create your own musical instrument and perform it at the festival.



A variety of art classes taught by people in their specific industry.


Script Writing

Students will learn tricks of the trade and will produce a 10 min. scene which will be directed by the directing class, and performed at the festival.



Learn the art of stage direction.  Go through the audition process and direct a 10 min scene performed at the festival.


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